Lameness Repair Company

Management Team & Board of Directors

Wesley C. Hayne Chief Executve Officer & Director. Mr. Hayne has over 40
years of corporate executve experience having started several successful
companies. He is known as a serial entrepreneur having created companies
in the Biotech, Financial, Hospitality and Entertainment sectors. He
founded and served as CEO of Hayne, Miller, Swearingen & Glore, Inc.,
during which time the firm acted as principal underwriter, responsible for
19 companies going public on NASDAQ.



David B. Masters, Ph.D. Chief Technical Officer, Director and the Founder
and President of Gel-Del Technologies, Inc. Dr. Masters is an entrepreneur,
biochemist, biomaterials expert and inventor with credentials from
Rutgers, Harvard, U of MN and the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Masters has over 30
years of experience, including over 50 publicatons, A successful FDA
clinical trial, 36 issued or pending patents and more than $7 million in NIH
grant awards.



John Lai Co-founder, President & Chairman. Mr. Lai has over 30 years of
senior operations and financial experience and has served as CEO at Rovvr,
Inc. & Genesis Capital Group, Inc., President at Viper Powersports, Inc. and
CFO at Mr. Lai has extensive experience in capital structure,
financial analysis, business formation, mergers, acquisitions and driving
production revenue growth.




Randall A. Meyer Chief Operating Officer & Director. Mr. Meyer has over
25 years of leadership experience in medical device development and
commercialization including expertise in successfully growing medical
device companies from concept to profitability. He has served as CEO at
Tactile Medical (TCMD) and as COO at Gel-Del Technologies and Sobscope
Medical. Mr. Meyer has served as an elected member of the Edina School
Board since 2002. He served as Board Chair from 2008 to 2015.



John F. Dolan Co-founder, General Counsel & Director. Mr. Dolan has over
25 years of experience as a legal professional, patent anorney, corporate
council and senior executive as an expert in the utilization of IP to
capitalize and commercialize entities. He was an intellectual property
anttorney and shareholder at the Fredrikson & Byron law firm, where he
also served as co-chair of the Cleantech group. Mr. Dolan has served as a
patent examiner in the organic chemistry and biotechnology area at the
United States Patent and Trademark Office.



Cynthia Jenkins Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Jenkins has held the offices of
CEO, President, Vice President, CFO, and Secretary/Treasurer and has been
in upper management of small to mid-size broker-dealers for over 40
years. She has comprehensive financial, compliance, and operational
experience to expedite growth in new and exis?ng firms in addi?on to
acclimating them to the rules and regulations of the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.



Peter Vezmar Independent Director. Mr. Vezmar has over thirty-five years
of diverse experience in business management and strategy, corporate
finance, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, regulatory
compliance, tax maners and corporate governance. He has a wide range of
experience and understanding in many industries, including options/
futures, life sciences/biotech, IT technologies, insurance, transportation/
logistics and advertising, among others. Currently, Mr. Vezmar is President
and CEO of Marula Enterprises, Inc., a holding company founded to pursue
investment opportunities primarily focused on targeted middle-market companies.


 David   Deming    Independent  Director.  Mr. Deming   has   thirty   years   of    commitment   to   the   Institutional   Asset   Management   Industry   focusing   on    business   development,   client   service,   compliance   and   operations    management   in   addition   to   extensive   experience   in   branding   and   creating    successful   start-­‐up   companies.   He   has   experience   in   institutional   firm    formation   and   establishing:   operations,   compliance,   business    development,   and   client   service;   he   has   also   established   and   launched   a    mutual   fund,   commingled   funds   and   LP’s.   Mr.   Deming   is   currently   a   Partner    at   Asymmetric   Capital   Management,   LLC.   and   also   serves   as   the   acting    CEO,   Treasurer   and   a   Director   at   Wildfire   5G,   Inc.


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