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Canine Case Studies

Dr. Michael Larson, DVM

Kona - 8 month old

Silver Labrador Retriever

Elbow Dysplasia

Dr. Brian Barnett, DVM, MBA

Shep - 13 year old

Australian Shepherd

Hip Dysplasia

Suzie - 11 year old

Golden Retriever

Congenital Hip Dysplasia

Doc - 11 year old

Australian Cattle Dog

Degenerative Joint Disease in bilateral elbows and stifles

Greta - 14 year old

German Shepherd

Bilateral Severe DJD stifles,


Dr. Michael Sterns, DVM

Bruce - 3 year old 

English Mastiff

Ununited Anconeal Process,

DJD Left Elbow

Bella - 13 year old

Labrador Retriever

CCL & Hip soreness

Bailey - 12 year old

Labrador Retriever

Hip soreness & stifle instability

Jake - 13.5 year old

Border Collie Mix


Raider - 12 year old

Labrador Retriever



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