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One Injection Restored Mobility For Over One Year

Welcome to Kush™. Read on to discover how our technology is different and can positively impact your veterinary practice and patients' lives.

Product Overview

Our Leading product, Kush™, is a veterinary device designed to help reinforce articulating cartilage tissue for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis. This system uses an intra-articular injection of non-dissolving, cartilage-like particles to enhance the force cushioning function of the synovial fluid, first developed and tested for equine and canine animals.

Since Kush mimics the joint function of the articulating cartilage and synovial fluid by dampening mechanical forces and reducing friction without pharmacologic, chemical or metabolic action, we believe it is considered a medical device by FDA guidelines. Our patented device particles are 75-120 microns in breadth with strong shape-memory and act like micro-sized absorbent sponges within the synovial fluid. These tiny saturated cushions repeatedly cycle between releasing and absorbing synovial fluid as mechanical forces increase and decrease to deform and reform them. The fluid's inherent physical characteristics combine with each particle’s durable structure to provide a soft, springy cushion when force is applied to them, mimicking and augmenting the intrinsic compressive and lubricious properties of healthy natural cartilage.

Owner Testimony

“Bella is enjoying the heck out of her [newly Kush-treated] knee. Increased mobility overall. 

 No more hesitance with going up stairs. Increased distance and time on walks. 

Can climb into minivan with minimal or no assistance. 

 Overall, she looks like she did a year ago before her illness and [TPLO] surgery.”




Kush™ not only provides immediate treatment for cartilage damage, it also provides long-term joint reinforcement and protection from regular stress and strain, allowing a longer “Running is Life” happy existence for our animals. Made into a strong, hydrated material from natural tissue matrix scaffolding components, elastin, collagen and heparin, Kush particles are injected into the synovial space to uniquely reinforce native cartilage by matching its wet, slippery form and cushioning function. These injected sterilized, hydrogel micro-particles are precisely sized to allow easy injection and correct articular spacing for painless joint motion.

In mostly all cases after Kush treatment, the need to take NSAIDS for arthritic pain relief is eliminated and activity levels return to normal. This improved motion also improves blood flow and oxygen to the treated joint to promote a healthy metabolism of the joint’s fluid, membrane and cartilage, which contributes to reducing inflammation, greater joint health and slowing down the progression of osteoarthritis.  

Kush™ Supports Healthy Joints

Safety, Efficacy and Longevity

“One Dose Lasted Long Enough”

Osteoarthritis (OA), Degenerative Joint Disease and cartilage injury, detected and treated early with Kush™ will show the best results. Injected Kush particles rapidly reduce pain with slippery force cushioning support to reinforce cartilage tissue function and prevent further damage. Since Kush particles are too large to seep through synovial membranes, they stay in the articulating space to provide their slippery cushioning effects for a long duration. These particles are made of natural components tightly cross-linked together to form a strong matrix material that resists enzymatic degradation, inhibits immune cell recognition, and therefore, avoids the need for allergy pretesting. Over five years of case studies have provided positive testimonials from many veterinarians, and no adverse effects have been observed other than some mild, short-term injection site swelling.

“Lasted the Entire Season”

Kush™ is effective in rapidly providing pain relief from OA in the treatment of racehorses and these effects have lasted the entire season. Veterinarians, who have treated many canines as old as 13 years old, report that Kush™ comforting effects typically last about a full year. The Kush particles gradually resorb into the surrounding synovial tissue and do not migrate, dissolve or deteriorate.

“Better Late Than Never”

Severe OA diagnosed late often requires pet owners to consider the high cost of joint replacement or less invasive treatments, and are willing to spend about $1,700 for a remedy. This scenario is not uncommon for many equine and canine animals that will eventually suffer from severe cartilage defects and exhibit high levels of lameness with greatly reduced daily activity and diminished quality of life. The most common treatment includes daily pharmaceutical care with long-term use of NSAIDs to treat the associated OA pain. Unfortunately, NSAIDs do not correct the cartilage loss as the cause of pain, and likely will produce side-effects, such as gastroenteritis, liver and kidney failure. Because Kush™ fills the synovial fluid with cushioning support particles to alleviate the lost cartilage problem, all veterinarians are reporting a reduction or elimination for continued NSAIDs.

Animals of any age with beginning to moderate cartilage damage will rapidly see the benefits of Kush which include improved articulation and reduced lameness. Pets who once suffered are able to return to normal daily activities, high impact sports, competitive events and training, generally in as little as 2 days. Typically, the lighter the body weight of the pet and the less impact on the treated joint, the greater the treatment longevity.  

Important Note: Kushis typically a single yearly IA injection, which works fast with great efficacy and long duration. Competitive manufacturers offer IA injections to treat joint pain associated with OA, but typically they require repeat injections over several weeks (boosters) to achieve continued beneficial effects that last only a few months after each injection. Kush can reduce the risk of infection associated with repeated IA injections, last longer and provide greater efficacy then competitor products.