Discover how Kush™ technology is different and can positively impact your veterinary practice and patients' lives.


Kush™ is an intra-articular injection comprised of patented,
gel-like biomaterials for companion animal osteoarthritis.

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Product Overview

Our Leading product, Kush™, is a veterinary device designed to help reinforce articulating cartilage tissue for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis. This system uses an intra-articular injection of cartilage-like particles to enhance the force cushioning function of the synovial fluid, first developed and tested for equine and canine animals.  

Since Kush mimics the joint function of the articulating cartilage and synovial fluid by dampening mechanical forces and reducing friction without pharmacologic, chemical or metabolic action, we believe it is considered a medical device by FDA guidelines. 

Why KUSH™?

Kush™ not only provides immediate treatment for cartilage damage, it also provides long-term joint reinforcement and protection from regular stress and strain, allowing a longer “Running is Life” happy existence for our animals. Made into a strong, hydrated material from natural tissue matrix scaffolding components, elastin, collagen and heparin, Kush particles are injected into the synovial space to uniquely reinforce native cartilage by matching its wet, slippery form and cushioning function. These injected sterilized, hydrogel micro-particles are precisely sized to allow easy injection and correct articular spacing for less pain joint motion.  

Safety, Efficacy and Longevity

Osteoarthritis (OA), Degenerative Joint Disease and cartilage injury, detected and treated early with Kush™ will show the best results. Injected Kush particles rapidly reduce pain with slippery force cushioning support to reinforce cartilage tissue function and prevent further damage. Since Kush particles are too large to seep through synovial membranes, they stay in the articulating space to provide their slippery cushioning effects for a long duration. 

These particles are made of natural components tightly cross-linked together to form a strong matrix material that resists enzymatic degradation, inhibits immune cell recognition, and therefore, avoids the need for allergy pretesting. Over five years of case studies have provided positive testimonials from many veterinarians, and no adverse effects have been observed other than some mild, short-term injection site swelling.

More About KUSH™

Kush™ is effective in rapidly providing pain relief from OA in the treatment of racehorses and these effects have lasted the entire season. Veterinarians, who have treated many canines as old as 13 years old, report that Kush™ comforting effects typically last about a full year. The Kush particles gradually resorb into the surrounding synovial tissue and do not migrate, dissolve or deteriorate.  

Animals of any age with beginning to moderate cartilage damage will rapidly see the benefits of Kush which include improved articulation and reduced lameness. Pets who once suffered are able to return to normal daily activities, high impact sports, competitive events and training, generally in as little as 2 days. Typically, the lighter the body weight of the pet and the less impact on the treated joint, the greater the treatment longevity.  



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Veterinarian Recommended

“I think Kush is an extremely useful product for improving joint function. I’ve used it many times with outstanding results.”

Dr. Michael Sterns  

Veterinarian with 35+ years experience


What is Kush™?

Kush™ is an IA injection of sterilized, hydrogel micro-particles that are wet, slippery and spongy. Our patented technology allows novel self-assembly of elastin, collagen and heparin to mimic cartilage extracellular matrix in both form and function. The Kush particle components are natural, animal based, and tightly cross-linked together to form a strong matrix material that resists enzymatic degradation, inhibits immune cell recognition, and thus, avoids the need for allergy pretesting.  

How does Kush™ work?

Kush™ uses precisely sized micro-particles for optimal joint spacing and for easy intra-articular injection with 18-23 gauge needles. Kush particles are too large to seep through synovial membranes, allowing long duration of their slippery cushion effects to reinforce the joint's articular cartilage and ameliorate or preclude the cartilage defects that cause pain to limit motion.  

How long does Kush™ last?

The demonstrated Kush™ effects are long-lasting. Veterinarians are reporting that the positive, cushioning effects typically last about 12 months, depending mostly on activity levels. The Kush particles gradually resorb into the surrounding synovial tissue.  

Has Kush™ been studied?

Five plus years of Kush™ case studies provided positive veterinarian testimonials. No adverse effects have been observed or reported other than some mild, short-term injection site responses.

How can I order Kush™?

Kush™ is available to order for licensed and certified veterinarians. You may order here.

If you are an animal owner, Kush™ is available to your animal through certain licensed and certified veterinarians. To find a veterinarian in your area who can administer Kush™ to your animal, we are happy to help you locate one. Please call us at (952)-681-7913